Name and Principal Office of the Association

Article 1- Name of the Association: “The Association of the Social and Political Philosophy”.

The principal office of the Association is located in Mersin. The terms “General Assembly”, “Association Board” and “Supervisory Board” refer to bodies of the Association. Branch offices of the Association will not be opened.

Article 2- The Association was established for the purposes of conducting studies and research in Social Sciences and Humanities, supporting and distributing such research, enabling and advancing civil society activities and supporting persons and organizations engaged in civil society activities, providing academic and scientific consulting in accordance with the founding purpose of the Association and its scientific study field, cooperating with think tanks and working for the common good.

The Subjects and Formats of Studies to be conducted by the Association

  1. Conduct research to enable and advance activities,
  2. Organize such educational events as courses, seminars, conferences, symposia and panels,
  3. Obtain all forms of information, certificates, documents and publications required for realization of the Association’s purpose, create documentation center, publish newspapers, journals, books and bulletins to spread the Association’s studies in the scope of the Association’s purpose,
  4. Provide healthy working environment and obtain all necessary technical tools and instruments, office stock and stationery materials necessary for the realization of the Association’s purpose,
  5. Provided that all necessary permits are obtained, engage in charity benefits and accept national and international donations,
  6. Establish and operate financial, commercial and industrial businesses in order to obtain funds necessary to realize the Association’s purpose,
  7. Establish and furnish locals and other social and cultural facilities for the members to spend their free time and socialize,
  8. Organize dinner meetings, concerts, balls, theater activities, exhibitions, sports, travel and entertainment activities to engage and sustain social relations between the members or ensure that members benefit from such activities,
  9. Procure, sell, rent, lease movable, immovable property and invoke limited property right on immovable properties required for the Association activities,
  10. If deemed necessary for the realization of the Association’s purpose, establish foundations, federations or join existing federations, set facilities for association foundations with necessary permits, in Turkey or abroad,
  11. Engage in international activities, become member of other associations or organizations abroad and conduct joint activities or cooperate with these organizations,
  12. Carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations with regard to activities subject to these bylaws if deemed necessary to realize the Association’s purpose, without prejudice to the provisions of Law № 5072 on the Relationship of Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Organizations,
  13. Establish Association common fund to meet such material needs as food and clothing for the members and other goods and services, as well as short term loan needs,
  14. Open representation offices where necessary,
  15. Create platforms with other associations or foundations, unions and similar civil society organizations for common purposes that do not violate any laws and legislation and are related to the Association’s purpose.

The Scope of the Association’s Activities

The Association engages in activities in the field of social sciences and humanities in Turkey and abroad.

Membership and Membership Procedures

Article 3- Every natural and legal person not in the scope of limitations set forth by the Turkish Civil Code № 4721 and Law of Associations № 5253, who adopts the aims and principles of the Association and accepts to work for that purpose, having complied with the conditions stipulated by the legislation, has the right to become a member of this Association. In addition to these general conditions, candidates should have conducted research in the fields of social sciences and humanities, published their research and/or shared their research with the public, should apply personally and their membership application must be supported by at least two members of the Association. Admission to membership is approved with the decision of the Association Board. For a foreign citizen who is not citizen of Turkey to become a member, such person should legally reside in Turkey. This condition does not apply to honorary membership.

Written application for membership to the Association’s President shall be addressed by the Association Board within thirty days and the decision of acceptance or rejection shall be notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is recorded in the membership registry to be kept for this purpose.

Principal Members of the Association are the founders of the Association and persons who applied and were admitted for membership by the Association.

Persons who provided significant moral and material support to the Association may be admitted as Honorary Members by a decision of the Association Board.

Only PhD students and academicians working in the field of Social and Political Philosophy may apply for membership..

Resignation from Membership

Article 4- Each member has the right to resign from the association, provided that such resignation petition is submitted in writing.

As soon as the resignation petition of the member reaches the Association Board, the membership cancellation procedures are considered finalized. The resignation from membership does not cancel out the accumulated debts of the member to the Association.

Termination of Membership

Article 5- The following circumstances form a basis for termination of membership:

  1. Acting against the bylaws of the Association
  2. Continuously avoiding assigned tasks,
  3. Not paying the membership fee for six months despite written warnings,
  4. Not to comply with the decisions made by the bodies of the Association.
  5. Losing the status of eligible member.

If a member violates the terms listed above, his/her membership shall be terminated by the decision of the Association Board.

The members who resigned from the Association or whose membership has been terminated by the decision of the Association Board shall be deleted from the membership registry and cannot claim any rights on the assets of the Association.